Be Inspired,

Don’t get left in the dark with your design software; MAYKR uses Autodesk cutting edge technology that can be used by any one - no matter what your still level!

Take your design from concept to reality using Autodesk Fusion 360.

Autodesk fusion 360 is a full featured 3D CAD, CAM software package and is the perfect fit for your Maykr Technology CNC equipment.

Normally costing as much or more than the CNC hardware, Autodesk Fusion 360 software is totally free for amateurs, hobbyists, students, educators and small business.

  • Free software download to power your Maykr Technology equipment
  • Limitless self-paced education and training resources available online
  • Will run on existing home computer or laptop
  • Will run on either Mac or PC based platforms
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DIY Prototyping

Got a widget to prototype? Produce as many alterations as you like in your choice of materials.

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Money Saver

Equip your home workshop or small business for a fraction of the cost of commercial scale production equipment.

Maykr Technology Coffs Harbour

Training & Support

We love CNC! So drop us an email with your questions and we will do our best to get you headed in the right direction.

Workshop & Showroom now open

showroom machine demonstration by appointment.

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The Maykr Range

The Maykr Range of CNC products is the perfect sized fit for your space and budget. The high cost, size and complexity have been eliminated with the Maykr Range. Now you can own and use at your leisure one of our professional quality computer controlled CNC machines. Checkout which one you can utilize to tinker, build on your hobby, or go into prototyping that product you’ve been thinking about.


The KX1 Personal CNC Milling Machine has been designed from the ground up to be portable and fit into the tightest space. However it is by no means a toy! We have put this machine through its paces and are continually pleasantly surprised at its accuracy and capabilility. Mated with either Mach3 or SIEG operating software and Autodesk Fusion 360 you will be running code and producing professional quality parts in no time.

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Do you take your hobby or prototype production a little more seriously? The KX3 has been designed to do some real work. Call on some real horsepower and rigidity when required to take on the harder stuff. The KX3s’ versatile footprint will easily install in a home workshop, small business or school workshop and with low cost of ownership more than earn its keep. Mated with Autodesk Fusion 360 you will be producing professional quality parts in no time.

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More Machine Accessories And Consumables available Check them out

Education & Support

Here at Maykr we believe education & support is key to achieving what you want and reducing any stress along the way! Here are our selection of videos that we have found useful. Feel free to contact us with any suggested videos that you’ve found helpful.

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About Maykr

Here at Maykr Technology we love to fully explore our ideas. This often means we need to make real one of a kind prototypes. We had always struggled to find the right professional to listen to our ideas and take us seriously. So we decided to ‘have-a-go’ ourselves and dived into the world of computer aided manufacturing. This put us onto a steep trajectory of learning, but we soon realised that we were going to require some CNC equipment to make our dreams a reality. So, we searched and travelled worldwide for the types of equipment that you and I can fit and afford to use at home.

Our range of personal CNC products has been extensively researched, not only for quality and price but also ease of use. As we are ‘steam’ era nuts we have used our machines to make all manner of items from an extensive range of materials and are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and capability of even the smallest machines in our range.

It brings us total satisfaction to see smiles all round when finally you can prove a concept by using your Maykr equipment to bring to life your idea.