Do you take your hobby or prototype production a little more seriously? The KX3 has been designed to do some real work.

Effortlessly ‘zing’ through lighter materials like plastics, timber, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals but you can call on some real horsepower and rigidity when required to take on the harder stuff. The KX3s’ versatile footprint will easily install in a home workshop, small business or school workshop and with low cost of ownership more than earn its keep. Mated with either Mach3 or SIEG operating software and Autodesk Fusion 360 you will be running code and producing professional quality parts in no time.

KX3 Mill Features

  • 295mm(X) × 150mm(Y) × 275mm(Z) work envelope
  • 20mm Class 5 precision hardened and ground ball screws
  • Direct drive NEMA 34 hybrid stepper motors
  • Zero backlash jaw couplings
  • Three stepper drivers for X, Y, and Z axes
  • Extra stepper driver for 4th axis pre-wired with external socket
  • Variable spindle speed under full CNC control
  • Powerful 1000W DC 5000RPM (Hi-Torque Brushless Motor) )
  • Synchronous belt spindle drive (no gears)
  • Proximity limit switches and homing on all three axes
  • USB interface board optically isolates the machine from the computer
  • Fully covered ways and ball screws
  • Safety emergency e-stop switch and chuck guard switch
  • CE marking (comparable to UL listing)
  • CNC controlled coolant pump receptacle
  • Power supply and control system are integral to the machine.
  • One shot oiler with flexible shielded lube distribution tubing
  • Industrial grade ABEC 5 angular contact spindle bearings
  • Dovetail slides with adjustable gibs
  • Household 240v power supply
KX3 Mach

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